Plan of Study

BFA in Photography 
First Year
ART 101 Art History Survey IART 102 Art History Survey II
COR 101 Surface Space & Time*COR 102 Studio for Research and Practice*
ENG 101 English Composition IENG 102 English Composition II
PHO 101 Photography: A Cultural LensPHO 102 A Critical Introduction to Photo
(15 Credit Hours)(15 Credit Hours)
Second Year
DIG 185 Digital Literacy or GRD 230 Graphic Design ICOM 220 Speech Communication
HIS 101 History of World Civ IHIS 102 History of World Civ II
MAT 101 Math in the Visual ArtsPHO 245 Photography II
PHO 121 Photography IPHO 352 Experimental Video or ART 264 Time-Based Media II
Social Science RequirementSCI 3XX Natural Science Series
(15 Credit Hours)(15 Credit Hours)
Third Year
ART 221 Modern Art HistoryART 321 Contemporary Art History
BUS 300 Business of Art & DesignPHO 342 Applied Lighting
PHO 235 Darkroom PhotographyPHO 361 Alternative Processes
PHO 241 Introduction to LightingPHO 395 Junior Projects
Visual Art Elective #1General Education Elective #1
(15 Credit Hours)(15 Credit Hours)
Fourth Year
PHO 481 SeminarPHO 492 Senior Thesis & Prof Practices
PHO 3XX Advanced Special TopicGeneral Education Elective #3
PHO 482 Critical Writing or ENG 300 Writing for the HumanitiesVisual Art Elective #3
General Education Elective #2Visual Art Elective #4
Visual Art Elective #2Visual Art Elective #5
(15 Credit Hours)(15 Credit Hours)

* 6 credit hours