Facilities & Equipment

The Watkins photography program is highly equipped and outfitted for all photographic approaches, with superior quality and an expansive inventory of resources as well as generous policies for student use.

Students are required to purchase a DSLR camera that shoots in RAW format.

Watkins Residences

Available for check-out:

  • Hasselblad, Mamiya, Pentax, and Bronica medium format cameras and lenses, and Pentax Polaroid backs.
  • 4×5 view and field cameras, lenses, tripods, and changing bags.
  • Canon and Nikon Pro-digital cameras.
  • Tungsten, speedites, and strobe lighting kits and accessories for studio and location work.
  • sx-70 camera for alternative work.
  • Canon GL1 and GL2 digital video cameras.
  • Zoom digital audio recorder.
  • Flip HD video recorders.


  • Darkroom with 15 enlargers and two island sinks.
  • Three individual film loading and processing rooms.
  • Wet area for archival washing and drying prints.
  • Dry area for viewing negatives and prints, complete with light boxes, dry mount presses, matte cutter, and densitometer.
  • A large lighting studio, complete with strobe and amp, tungsten equipment, soft boxes, booms, camera stands, backdrop material, and other accessories for studio work (room is available for reservation in four-hour blocks of time for students).
  • Digital imaging lab with state-of-the art Mac computers (OS-X operating system).
  • Four large format Epson archival ink jet printers.
  • Four Epson Stylus Pro archival inkjet printers.
  • Hasselblad Flextight XI film scanner.
  • Epson flatbed scanners.
  • UV exposure units for alternative printmaking.
  • Jobo processors.
  • H25 Hasselblad digital back and Toyo 4×5 adaptor for high-resolution digital capture.