AP/IB/CLEP Credits

Credit by Examination

Students may earn college credit for acceptable scores from International Baccalaureate (IB), the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and the Advanced Placement Examinations (AP) of the College Entrance Examination Board. Credit-by-examination earns credit toward graduation to meet program requirements but carries no grade or quality points and is not used in factoring GPA. Such credit will be granted in an area only if no college work in that area has been taken previously, either attempted or completed, except with special approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Students seeking to obtain college credit from these examinations must submit official score reports to the Office of the Registrar. Enrolled students are eligible to take CLEP tests but must obtain advance approval from the College. The CLEP Approval form is available from the Office of the Registrar. Test results are evaluated and recorded on a student’s transcript if credit is awarded.

To register for AP or CLEP exams, students can go to:  www.collegeboard.com/testing/

CLEP Exam Credit – Accepted students may submit scores for the following:

CLEP course/creditMin. ScoreWatkins CourseWatkins Credit
Freshman College Composition50ENG 1013 credit-hours
Western Civilization I50HIS 1013 credit-hours
Western Civilization II50HIS 1023 credit-hours
College Algebra50MAT 1013 credit-hours
Natural Sciences50SCI 3103 credit-hours

AP Exam Credit – Accepted students may submit scores from the following:

AP ExamMin. ScoreWatkins CourseWatkins Credit
Studio Art :2D Design*4-5See Below3 credit-hours
Studio Art :3D Design*4-5See Below3 credit-hours
Studio Art: Drawing*4-5See Below3 credit-hours
Art History3Art 1016 credit-hours
Art History4-5Art 101 & 1023 credit-hours
English Literature & Composition3ENG 1016 credit-hours
English Literature & Composition4-5ENG 101 & 1023 credit-hours
European History3HIS 1016 credit-hours
European History4-5HIS 101 & 1023 credit-hours
World History3HIS 1016 credit-hours
World History4-5HIS 101 & 1023 credit-hours
Calculus3-5MAT 1013 credit-hours
Sciences3-5SCI 3XX3 credit-hours
Social Science3-5Social Science req.3 credit-hours
Other General Education equivalents3-5Gen. Ed Elective3 credit-hours

*Watkins offers a Core Studies program which consists of two courses during the first year of study that are 6 credits each. Advanced Placement scores may be applied to Core Studies courses in one of the following ways:

  • Three AP credits (Drawing, 2D and 3D) earn credit for COR 101 & COR 102; students are then required to enroll in DIG 185 Digital Literacy to complete the 12-credit requirement.
  • Two AP credits (3D and 2D or Drawing) earn credit for COR 101.
  • Single AP Studio Art courses (Drawing, 2D, or 3D) or the combination of Drawing and 2D with each transfer as a visual art electives for three credit hours each.

IB Credit – Accepted students may submit scores from the following:

IB CourseMin. ScoreWatkins CourseWatkins Credit
Anthropology5ANT 1013 credit-hours
Chemistry/ Biology7/5SCI 3103 credit-hours
English A5ENG 1013 credit-hours
History: All Regions6HIS 101 & 1026 credit-hours
Mathematics5MAT 1013 credit-hours
Other General Education equivalents5Gen. Ed. Elective3 credit-hours

Transfer students who were awarded IB, AP, or CLEP credit by a previous institution must provide official score reports from the College Entrance Examination Board. A listing of earned credits recorded on transcripts submitted from previous institutions does not constitute automatic acceptance without official score documentation.