Your portfolio—what’s working, what’s not?

One way to strengthen your portfolio is to get feedback from Watkins faculty and staff. You must ultimately decide how to act on that feedback, but obtaining a number of perspectives can help you to prepare a more successful portfolio. You also may find that portfolio reviews, like campus visits, are a good way to learn more about the program you hope to enter.

Seniors and transfer students: We may determine that you qualify for scholarships based on the portfolio review.

Options for collecting feedback

  • Attend one of the many National Portfolio Day events in which we participate.
  • Schedule a portfolio review when you visit the Watkins campus.
  • Ask the Admissions representative who visits your high school to review your portfolio.

Prepare your portfolio for review

  • If an original work is unavailable or difficult to transport, bring images of the piece.
  • Talking points. Be ready to have a conversation about the art you are presenting.
  • Bring enough work (15 to 20 pieces) so that the reviewer can get a good sense of your artistic process and voice.
  • Age of work. Show work that is no more than two years old.
  • Include finished pieces, works in progress, and your sketchbook.