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Watkins is a strategic choice for creative professionals

Creative professionals are in increasing demand in the 21st century. In survey after survey, employers describe how they are seeking the exact qualities that art schools impart—innovative thinking, technological savvy, curiosity, empathy, self-starting discipline, and the ability to manifest a creative vision.

At Watkins, we provide the core practical skills, the mentorship, and the marketplace experience that any member of a creative profession needs to excel. Your child leaves Watkins an educated member of society with an abundance of applicable talents that prepare him or her to handle the challenges of the contemporary world.

Rigorous and cross-disciplinary

In addition to in-depth studio and skills-based coursework, Watkins has developed a pioneering and extensive curriculum of core and general education classes for the completion of each of our bachelor’s degree programs.

Mentorship and professional experience

At Watkins, your child will gain real-world experience, build a competitive resume, establish professional contacts, and develop the skills and knowledge to be competitive as a working artist. A robust internship program is embedded into every degree at Watkins, and our Career Services Office provides ongoing support. We are a fully accredited institute of higher education, so your child can compete for application to any graduate school in the country.

Art college alumni at work

Our website offers an array of stories about alumni, current students, and others in the Watkins community, and we encourage you to explore these features throughout the site. To learn more about what Watkins graduates and other art school alumni are doing today, you can also visit the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project. This ongoing data collection and analysis project is helping to change the conversation about the value of an arts degree.

Essential information

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