Tuition & Fees

Academic Year 2018-19

Flat-rate annual tuition for 12 to 18 credit-hours per semester, including on-campus housing.

On-campus housing$6,850

Full-time students

Full-time is defined as students enrolling for 12 credit-hours or more. However, if your goal is to graduate in four (4) years, enrolling and completing at least 30 credit-hours a year, will keep on track to meet your goal.

Enrolling and earning less than 30 credit-hours a year will extend your graduation completion time.

Part-time students

If you enroll between 6-11 credit-hours per semester, you are considered a part-time student. You will be charged $760 per credit-hour, plus $65 per credit-hour in student fees. Most classes earn three credit-hours, so the total cost of tuition and fees for each course is $2,475.

Estimated Cost of Attendance 2018-2019

What you will pay to college is known as direct costs.

Other expenses you may incur during the nine-month period of enrollment is known as indirect costs.

Direct Costs include: Tuition and fees, program fees, campus housing, first-year student experience fees

Indirect Costs include: Meals, personal expenses, transportation, books/supplies, and other miscellaneous expenses

Direct Costs (Paid to the College)

Flat Rate Tuition & Fees (for enrollment of 12-18 credit hours)$24,750
Program Fees for Certain Majors:
Film majors$500
Fine Arts$200
Graphic Design$300
NEW STUDENTS ONLY-No prior College (1st Year Only)
Core 101$225
Core 102$225

Indirect Costs (Not paid to the College)

Meals (Board)$4,150
Miscellaneous/Personal expenses$3,000

The expenses listed in both categories are based on full-time enrollment. Indirect costs can vary based on the student’s needs and enrollment status (full-time versus less than full-time). This information is provided to help with planning your educational expenses for one academic year (fall/spring). For more details, please contact us at 615.343.4848 or at

What does the estimate include?

  • The figures listed include costs paid directly to Watkins (e.g. tuition, fees, on-campus housing) and estimated indirect costs for an academic year (fall to spring) not paid to Watkins, such as books, supplies, meals, transportation, and other personal expenses that you may incur while you are enrolled.
  • We provide these figures for planning purposes only—they do not represent the actual indirect expenses you may incur during an academic year. The figures represent what federal guidelines define as “reasonable” expenses.
  • The budget includes such variables as transportation, supplies, and books—the costs of which can vary from student to student and program to program.
  • The figures above are based on full-time enrollment for one school year. You may spend more or less than what we have estimated.

What do the “fees” cover?

  • Course costs not covered by tuition.
  • Additional academic and technological experiences and equipment.
  • Facility maintenance, purchase and maintenance of equipment, purchase and updating of slides and reference books, updating of software, photocopying, student supplies, and models.
  • Student ID cards, parking stickers, maintenance and security of parking lots, publications such as the Student Handbook, and certain activities and projects within student life.

Additional fees

  • Core course fees: If you are a first-time college student, you will pay an additional fee of $225 per semester, or $450 per year.
  • Major fees: Due to supplies, equipment, and other materials required by the disciplines at Watkins, students who major in the following programs pay the following additional fees per year: $500 for Film, $200 for Fine Art, $300 for Graphic Design and Illustration, and $400 for Photography.

Special-status tuition and fees

  • Special-status students taking courses for credit must pay an additional fee of $760 per credit-hour plus $65 per credit-hour in student fees.
  • Special-status students auditing courses (not for credit) must pay $355 per credit-hour plus $65 per credit-hour in student fees.

Learn what it means to be a special-status student.

Payment plan

At Watkins, we offer an interest-free payment plan through our Business Office. For details, email the Office Manager or call 615.383.4848, ext. 7436.