About Us

Successful artists focused on your professional and personal development

Watkins Community Education programs are taught by practicing artists—leaders in the creative community who have expert knowledge of artistic processes as well as of the broader art world environment. We offer courses that encourage creative thinking through instruction in a variety of visual arts media. Find out more about teaching with the Community Education Program.

Meet the administrative staff

Jackie Tingle

BFA, University of Southern Mississippi
MFA, Savannah College of Art and Design
Before joining Watkins, Tingle was the program coordinator at Poverty and the Arts (POVA), where she created an artistic professional development curriculum, managed artwork as well as merchandise inventory and sales, and tracked artists’ progress within the program. Prior to her nonprofit work, she was a visual art teacher in local public schools. As a teacher, Tingle enjoyed the challenge of making connections between the arts and academic disciplines, all toward the goal of practical applications in our society. In addition to being an art educator and historian, Tingle is an arts advocate and practicing artist herself.

Bethany Davis

BFA, Belmont University
A Nashville native and recent studio arts graduate from Belmont University, Davis has worked as a freelance photographer since 2009, creating her own wedding photography business in 2016. Her photography has been published both locally and internationally. She has worked for several businesses and organizations, such as Pro-Care, NashRides, and Glen & Effie, helping each build their social media presence. Driven and dedicated to the arts, Davis lives to help others find their passion for art and equip them with the tools to inspire their community.

Meet the artistic staff.