Ten from Nineteen

We did the accounting, and here are the stories you loved from 2019.

Watkins College of Art, 2018 Hot List

From Oscar-winning sound to wearable clothing, the artists and artistic accomplishments at Watkins occupy a wide and far-reaching range. Below are the ten stories, videos, ideas, explorations, and more that you found most compelling in 2019.

1. A sound magician for such diverse films as the Oscar-winning Zero Dark Thirty and La La Land to Blade Runner 2049Moana, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. And a five-time Emmy winner in news filmmaking.


2. Open Studio interviews with filmmaker Ashley Henry and her reimagining of an ancient myth; filmmaker Mack Hoskins’s original music, Ollie; fine artist Abbey Skojec’s and photographer Huy Nguyen’s joint WAG show.

3. Our in-depth talk with several female artists on the state of art today. As well as Mandy Stoller’s evolution from space cats to spring Vogue.

Cat from Outer Space


4. Andy Gregg, designer to clients as diverse as musician Beck and tech giant Microsoft.

5. Skowhegan Fellowship-winner and urban artist Jessica Clay.

6. One of the country’s most in-demand muralists, Shelby Rodeffer.

Shelby Rodeffer, sign painter and Watkins alum


7. Watkins teacher Tyler Jacobsen, who passed away this year and left behind a powerful legacy of artistic influence and inspiration.

8. Avengers-associated indie filmmaker Doug Mallette.

Doug Mallette, creator of Worm and Marvel Studios costume coordinator


9. The 2019 Commencement with interdisciplinary artist and futurist Chelsea Klukas.

10. Our series on the curious and best of Nashville that we call My615, and your recent favorites on the Cumberland River Greenway, Radnor Lake, Bells Bend Park, Glow, and Ladies’ Wine and Design.